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Local Governament Resource center has been established at Pattan Islamabad & Multan office
Launching of Women’s Manifesto for Gender Equality at International Women’s Day Celebrations 2013 Election manifesto is imperative for any general election. For some time, it had lost its importance. However, some recent developments seem to be encouraging. Since, there exists a huge gap between what various parties had promised in 2008 election manifestos and what women voters wanted them to do, Pattan Development Organisation felt the need to have a dialogue with their representatives in order to inform them about women’s issues.

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Roundtable with Representatives of Political Parties on ‘Women’s Charter for Political Parties and Candidates: General Elections 2013’
Pattan Lok Natak performed a play “Jallad” in National Theater Festival, organized by Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA)
Pattan Lok Natak’s Enthralling Performance at the “Food Security to Peace and Security” conference