Improving Women Participation in electoral process

More than 11 million eligible women voters are missing from the electoral rolls. This restricts citizen’s basic right to choose their representatives. The gap in registration also impacts the national turnout. Through this project, we are bridging the gender gap identified in the electoral rolls.

The Electoral Reforms Bill 2017 includes a proposal under which those who obtain a CNIC upon turning 18 years old will automatically be registered as voters. NADRA would get the consent of the citizens at the time of registration about whether they wish to be registered according to their permanent address or their present address. It is pertinent to mention that CNIC is declared to be a pre-requisite for registration as voter.  As per law, those citizens that will get registered before the last day of December, 2017, shall have their names appear on the electoral rolls. A focused campaign on the need to register missing women voters in the identified areas is very critical. In this regard, an effective engagement with relevant stakeholders at the local level will help in curtailing the deficit of women voters ahead of the 2018 General Elections.

Through this project we aim to foster greater appreciation of the importance of electoral and political participation of women among relevant stakeholders including ECP, NADRA and political parties. We also aim to engage, sensitize, and educate communities and key stakeholders on the importance of women’s right to vote and participate in political processes. We would be providing direct and indirect facilitation for CNIC registration to un-registered women in the targeted communities.