Active Volunteers

Adnan Chughtai has been part of the Pattan team since 6 years. With an accountancy background, he is currently is working in operations. His areas of expertise include Accounting, Finance and Internal audit. He has managed projects related to electoral reforms and disasters across Pakistan. He is keenly interested in electoral reform and improving governance as he believes substantial change can only be brought about by strengthening
 team-6Wajahat Batool has a Masters Political Science from Punjab University and has been associated with Development sector from last 17 years. She joined Pattan in 2011 and has worked as Constituency Coordinator, District Coordinator, and Advocacy Officer and is now a Parliamentary Observer. She is deeply passionate about gender equality and actively works towards combatting discrimination at all levels.
Samia Arif has been working with Pattan since the past 7 years. With a bachelors in psychology and political science, she is an experienced social mobiliser. She has worked in Lahore, Kashmore and Muzaffargarh  on disasters and electoral reform.  She believes in fighting gender discrimination in both her personal and professional
Kausar Batool has been working with Pattan since 1997. She has primarily worked on voter education and electoral reform in the districts Faisalabad, Lahore, Chakwal, Attock , Pindi Islamanad, Layyah, Sargodha, Khushab, and Balakot. She is very passionate about working with marginalized women who lack an effective safety net.       kausar
 Naseem JhanNaseem Jehan has been working with Pattan for the last 17 years on a variety of projects, She specialises in community mobilisation, capacity building and networking. She hails from Multan and is deeply interested in Women’s rights and empowerment. Specifically, she works towards the implementation of pro women laws.
Ghulam Fareedudin has been working as a volunteer with Pattan since 2006. He has worked on a range of different projects. His niche is disasters. He has worked in  Muzaffargarh, Balochistan, Quetta, Faisaalabaad, and Multan. He believes that the minimum wage should be implemented and that workers should get all the rights they are entitled to.GHUM Fareedudin
Prevaiz Akhtar Pervaiz Akhtar has been with Pattan since its inception. He works in the Multan office and handles a variety of tasks. His favorite work is that of managing the office. He believes that fighting injustice is a personal responsibility.
 Ghulam Yasin has been with Pattan for almost 21 years. His areas of expertise are fieldwork, community mobilisation, event management and report writing in Urdu. His interests are working with the marginalized and isolated communities for their rights.ghum yasin
razibRiaz Jazib has been part of the Pattan family since years now. He is adept at community mobilisation, advocacy, research and fieldwork. He also writes frequently in the press and is passionate about empowerment of women and marginalised groups.