Women Councilor’s Network ICT Elections

The first elections of the Women Councillors’ Network-Islamabad Capital Territory Chapter were successfully held at youth hostel, Aabpara on 18TH April 2017. Under the oversight of Pattan Development Organization and an independent Election Committee, the elections were conducted fairly over the course of a day.  This initiative helped promote the culture of democracy among women councilors, and gave them a representative platform to voice their concerns.

With 43 votes, Ms. Tayyaba Ibrahim   was elected as President. Ms. Saba Afzal was elected as Vice President with 31 votes, Ms. Abida Rasheed  won the seat of General Secretary with 23 votes. Ms. Sofia Yasmeen was elected the Joint Secretary with 19 , Ms. Seema Durrani as Information Secretary with 20 votes and Ms. Seemi Eizdi became the treasurer with 9 votes.

Instead of following the First-Past-the-Post method, preferential voting tool was adopted. It helped build broader ownership through dialogue and discussion. Based on this concept the office bearers were elected through a preference system; each voter received six ballot papers and the candidate that received the highest number of votes was elected as president and rest of the seats were filled in order of diminishing importance.