Completed Projects

List of Projects of Pattan

S. # Title of ProjectDonorsYearStatus
1Views From the Frontline 2019Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)2019-2022Completed
2Women’s Enjoyment of Rights, Empowerment and Leadership (WE’RE Leaders)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020-2021Terminated by Pattan
3Local Action for Democratic and Inclusive Response to COVID-19Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020-2021Completed
4Enhancing Women Workers’ Access to Market (EWAM) projectTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020-2021Terminated by Pattan
5Strengthening Media Freedom and Civic Space in PakistanTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020-2021Terminated by Pattan
6Electoral Quality and Inclusiveness in Pakistan (EQulP) ProjectTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020-2021Terminated by Pattan
7Preparation of audio and video on labour law training materialFriedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)2020Completed
8Soial-economic impact of Covid-19 on working people who belong to informal and unregistered sector of economyFriedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)2020Completed
9Preparation of Op-ed content analysis on governance and socio-economic situation in the wake of Covid-19Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)2020Completed
10Promoting Decent Work in Pakistan’s Brick KilnsTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2020Completed
11Promoting Core Labour Standards in the informal Sector of EconomyFriedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)2020Completed
12Enhancing Capacities of Riverine Communities for Disaster Preparedness & DRRTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2019Completed
13Strengthening Electoral and Legislative Processes (SLEP)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2019-2020Completed
14Citizens Observation for Transparent and Accountable Elections in PakistanTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2018Completed
15Promoting Core Labour Standards in the Informal Sectors of EconomyFriedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)2018Completed
16Punjab Assembly Election ObservationTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2018-2019Completed
17The Enabling Environment for MinoritiesThe Asia Foundation2017Completed
18Improving Women Participation in electoral processTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2017Completed
19Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative (PRFI)The Asia Foundation2017Completed
20Deepening Democracy and Election Support Project (DESP)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2016-2017Completed
21PATTAN-LQM-FES project activities for year 2016FES2016Completed
22Citizens’ Action for Democratic Governance in Pakistan (CADGP)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2014-2015Completed
23ILM Possible (Child to School)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2014-2015Completed
24Pakistan Religious Freedom Initiative: Leaders of InfluenceAsia Foundation2014-2015Completed
25Dialogue platform for improving working conditions in brick killing sectorFES2014-2015Completed
26Parliament Watch and Reform ProjectTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2013-2014Completed
27Long Term Election Observation and Oversight in Pakistan (LTEOOP)Trust for Democratic Education & Accountability2013-2014Completed
28Narrowing the Gender Gap in the Flood Affected Districts of PakistanUnited Nations Democracy Fund2012-2014Completed
29Training of Political Parties LeadersAsia Foundation2012-2013Completed
30Profiling of Law Turnout Areas & Voter Mobilization CampaignsTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2012-2013Completed
31Narrowing the Gender Gap in Flood Affected Areas of PakistanUNDEF2012-2013Completed
32To increase role and participation of women in political and electoral processesKIOS2012-2013Completed
33Citizens’ Report on Flood Disaster Response and the Way ForwardFES2011-2012Completed
34Parliament WatchTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2011-2012Completed
35Supporting Transparency, Accountability and Electoral Process in PakistanThe Asia Foundation2009-2012Completed
36To enhance role of Marginalised Labour Associations (MLAs) in public policy debate and governance by expanding their social baseFES2010-2011Completed
37Restoring Community Based Infrastructures and LivelihoodUNDP2010-2011Completed
38Community based provision of safe drinking water and improvement of hygiene practices amongst affected populations in Sindh and PunjabUN-OCHA (WASH)2010-2011Completed
39Stakeholders Convention on Flood Disaster ManagementFES2010Completed
40Global ExchangeBritish Councils2009Completed
41Mobilizing Women Voters in PakistanTrust for Democratic Education & Accountability2009Completed
42NWFP IDPs Displacements reporting projectAFPAX2009Completed
43Food crisis in AsiaCommon Wealth Institute2009Completed
44Mainstreaming women’s voice in PakistanBritish High Commission2008-2010Completed
45Constituency Relation Program in PakistanThe Asia Foundation2008-2009Completed
46The Project for Enhance Women’s Participation in Sindh Regarding the Pakistan General Election 2008Japan Embassy2008Completed
47Women Protection ProjectGTZ (Germany)2007-2008Completed
48Global ExchangeBritish Council2007-2008Completed
49Voter RegistrationThe Asia Foundation2007Completed
50First Voters Election ProgramThe Asia Foundation2007Completed
51Role and performance of women parliamentarians in the LegislatureFES2007Completed
52Voter List Display ObservationThe Asia Foundation2007Completed
53Youth Forum ExchangeBritish Council2006-2008Completed
54FAFEN SecretariatThe Asia Foundation2006-2007Completed
55Earthquack relief and shelter programIOM, Mercy Malaysia & Asia Foundation2005-2007Completed
56Global ExchangeBritish Council2005-2006Completed
57Political OpinionBritish High Commission2005-2006Completed
58Analysis of Local Government Election 2005SDC, EU, DFID2005-2006Completed
59Capacity Building of Political Parties at Grassroots LevelFES2005-2006Completed
60Khawateen Itehad GroupBritish High Commission2005Completed
61Siasi MaidanFES2005Completed
62Promoting Women Councilors EffectivenessBritish High Commission2004-2007Completed
63Flood ProtectionAsian Development Bank and Federal Flood Commission of Pakistan2004-2005Completed
64Political Opinion on Iraq CrisisBritish High Commission2004Completed
65Facts Finding MissionNORAD2003Completed
66National Election ResearchDFID2002Completed
67Training Need AssessmentMinistry of Women Studies Pakistan2002Completed
68Democratization through community empowermentFinland Embassy2001-2006Completed
69Women International DayFES2000-2011Completed
70Voter EducationIRI2000-2001Completed
71Election Research on Local Govt. 2000-01DFID2000-2001Completed
72Disaster preparedness training across PakistanCRS, OXFAM, TROCAIRE, EU1993-2001Completed
73Damages Need Assessment and relief assistance to flood affecteesCRS, OXFAM, TROCAIRE1997-98Completed
74Research: Socio-economic vulnerabilities of riverine communitiesNORAD1995Completed
75Damages Need Assessment and relief assistance to flood affecteesCRS, WFP, Embassy of Netherlands1995Completed
76Capacity building in riverside communitiesOXFAM, CRS, TROCAIRE, EU, NORAD1994-97Completed
77Disaster preparedness training across PakistanOXFAM, Concern Ireland1992-93Completed