Our Staff

Sarwar Bari has been leading Pattan since its inception. His areas of expertise are Election monitoring (local and general elections); assessment of governance and political parties; community empowerment and development; social mobilization and participation; institutional development; leadership and management; research, advocacy/lobbying and networking; strategic planning and development planning; monitoring and evaluation; rural development and poverty alleviation; and disaster preparedness and risk reduction. He is an acclaimed social activist and is known for his thought provoking articles and opinions published in numerous newspapers nationwide. Furthermore, he has presented his research papers in Regional and International conferences. He has maintained and still maintains memberships of renowned Regional and International networks and founded numerous networks. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN).team-1
 team-2Rabia Ghani is a development professional with over 18 years experience in project management. She is currently working as a project manager at Pattan and works towards effective planning, review, monitoring, and evaluation of key projects. She is particularly interested in isuues related to gender, ethnicity & religious minorities’ issues. She works towards reducing marginalization through institutional development, para-legal interventions, media, art & cultural activities focusing on diversity, and respecting cultural sensitivity.
William Pervaiz started his career as an artist and later joined the advertising world as graphic designer. He kept on exploring his talent as an actor, playwright and theatre director. He joined Pattan in 2003 as coordinator culture and arts. He has written more 25 stage plays on women, human rights and social issues. He has written more than 35 street theatres and these have been performed more than 3000 times on different occasions. He is passionate about working towards political issues related to the common man as well as women rights. team-3
 team-3Hailing from Chitral, Muhammad Ismail Khan has been working with Pattan since 16 years now. His professional experience spans accounts, book keeping, finance, budgeting, forecasting and internal & external audit as well as taxation.  He manages finance and human resources at Pattan currently.  He is particularly passionate about advocating equal opportunity for men and women. He also believes in fighting against child labour and the institution of dowry.
Parveen Latif joined Pattan in 2012. She was previously a teacher. She worked as a Social Mobiliser and an observer during the 2013 elections. She has also worked extensively with the Labour Quomi Movement. She understand the Faisalabad region really well.  She is passionate about combatting social discrimination.       parveen
Muhammad Tanveer has been working for Pattan since the past ten years. He works as a cook in the Multan office. He also ventures into the community for mobilization when required.tanveer
yasinMukhtar Hussain has been working with Pattan since the last 17 years as a chowkidaar, He occasionally goes out in the field too. He believes in fighting for the injustice that poor people face especially with respect to the current flawed legal system of Pakistan