National Coordinator’s OP-ED Articles

27 June 2021, The Express Tribune, The forgotten articles of the Constitution

13 July 2021, Balochistan Times, Managing disasters in a polarized polity

24 June 2021, Global Village Space (GVS), Why overseas Pakistanis should be allowed to vote

17 June 2021, The Express Tribune, Managing twin disasters in a highly-polarised polity

20 March 2021, The Express Tribune, The last straw – the Senate elections

26 February 2021, The Express Tribune, “The Proof of the pudding is in the eating”

12 December 2020, The Express Tribune, “Politics and the art of rigging”

05 December 2020, The Express Tribune, “Political economy of rigging”

5 October 2020, The Express Tribune, “Conflicting tales — the aftermath continues”

28 August 2020, The Express Tribune, “Never again, again”

14 August, 2020, The Express tribune, “NGOs must earn public trust”

28 July, 2020, The Express Tribune “Floods are coming — are we prepared?”

June 7, 2020, Balchistan Times, “Palijo’s untiring struggle for democracy”

June 6, 2020, The Express Tribune, “Don’t push the marginalised in the corner”

June 6, 2020, Balchistan Times, “Do political parties take disasters seriously?”​

June 4, 2020, Minority Concern Pakistan, “Saraiki region — Roots of radicalisation”

May 30, 2020, “Book Review ‘Saraiki region — Roots of radicalisation’”

May 26, 2020, “Power isn’t an equaliser”

May 16, 2020, The Express Tribune, “”Not with a bang but a whimper” 

May 16, 2020, Balochistan Times, “Fatalist attitude overwhelming COVID-19”

May 5, 2020, Balochistan Times, “Covid-19 Discriminates the Discriminated?”

April 18, 2020, The Express Tribune, “The role of civil society in post-corona world”

Urdu Translation “Covid-19: The beginning of the end article” 

April 11, 2020, The Express Tribune, “Covid-19: The beginning of the end article”

February 18, 2020, The Express Tribune, “Fostering the culture of risk reduction”

January 12, 2020, The Express Tribune, “Fascinating Vietnam”