Elections, Democracy & Governance

In the Wake of Covid-19

Orphans of State and Society: Plight of Workers of Informal Sectors of Economy in Pakistan, 2020

This study is being conducted in the wake of second wave of Covid19. The study is based on two research tools – structured questionnaire, and, focus group discussions. The first provides the quantitative data i.e. statistics and the second method gives the in-depth qualitative information. . For details click Here

Content Analysis of Op-ed articles published by English and Urdu Newspapers in the wake of Covid19 outbreak, 2020.  

This report on the content analysis of five newspapers is a description of the proceedings and findings of the project which is a pilot study for formulating procedures to be used in the major study which is to be conducted during the next year.
The study has two objectives: Its primary objective is to prepare a methodology for an in depth study of Newspapers in Pakistan that can be used to develop Read More……

Overwhelming Pandemic, overwhelmed by fatalist mindset in Pakistan

Fatalist mindset deprives people from seeing imminent dangers. This is a major reason of violating SOPs in Pakistan including in mosques. For details click Here

Role of Civil Society Organizations  in Local Government Election 2005

BEYOND VOTING Voices of the Electorates and Party Workers Election 2002

PATTAN Development Organisation conducted a prepoll and exit poll survey of the National and Provincial elections. The surveys produced some interesting findings regarding the thinking and behaviour of the Pakistani electorates and the conduct of elections.
The post-poll survey was a logical follow-up to this exercise, and consisted of a quantitative survey as well as a qualitative study of the elections. The present report describes the results of the qualitative survey.
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